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Tattoo: An Anthropology
by Makiko Kuwahara

Tattoo: An anthropology by Makiko Kuwahara provides an in-depth study covering both the historical background of Polynesian tattooing as well as contemporary styles and influences.

In brief….

19th Century
Tahitian and Marquesan tattooing influenced the sailors who rediscovered
tattooing on Captain Cooks voyages to tattoo themselves. This lead to the introduction of the western
styles of tattoo that we know today. For some time this lead too much of the Tahitian and Marquesan
tattooing to be lost to history. European explorers, traders & missionaries visited
Tahiti from the late 18th and early 19th centuries and although tattooing is shown to have been observed, documented and
sketched during this time, it seems that it also lead to the suppression of tattooing during this period.

20th Century
In the early 1970's European designs started to appear both in prison and on the streets. In the
1980's came a cultural revitalisation of Tahiti and Marquesan styles, and many Tahitians were
tattooed in the traditional style to mark their cultural identity. The ban on tattooing using
traditional hand tools by the Tahitian Minister of Health was introduced in 1986.

Many tattooist works from home in the evenings after their normal day jobs; there are no permanent
tattoo studios in Marquesas. Since tattoo machines were first introduced into Tahitian tattooing in the 1980's
by a European tattooist use of these machines has spread among the Tahitan and Marquesan
tattooists. By the 1990's they were popularly used for both Polynesian and Non Polynesian tattoo styles.

This book is a great read for any tattooist or tattoo enthusiast wishing to improve their knowledge on the fascinating, and often overlooked historical significance that Tahitian and Marquesan tattooing has on the modern tattoo.

Published by

HB 1 84520 154 X £50.00
PB 1 84520 155 8 £17.99

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