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Resources & Links

TCGB Members Web Pages & interesting links for tattoo enthusiaists
Michael Rose, Potters Bar
Rob Sutherland, London.  
Pat Fish, Tattoo Santa Barbara, Celtic style tattooing.
Sean Zeek following on the family tradition
Jeff, Portsmouth Tattoo Studio
Triangle Tattoo Museum.
One of the largest tattooing sites on the net.
Interested in tribal tattooing tools, check out this site.
The Vanishing Tattoo, website was launched on September 6th, 1999. The Vanishing Tattoo looks at the incredible history, powerful rituals and extraordinary social significance of tribal tattooing in many different cultures around the world through the eyes of renowned Canadian tattoo artist Thomas Lockhart.
Interested in Traditional Samoan tattooing? then check out this site.
Maori Resources Online - An Exhibit of Maori People and Culture.
Maori News service
A personal Reflection of Horatio Gordan Robley by Nephew in law Maui Dalvanius Prime
Dave Harris & Co - Germany
Ink Link is a Fanzine/Pen Pal club for Tattoo/Piercing/Body Art enthusiasts. We produce the fanzine 4 times per year, at present on the 1st of Jan/April/July/Oct. It is subscription based and available to members only. It is run by Body Art enthusiasts and contributed to by the same in the way of articles, news, reviews, artwork, cartoons, studio and members own profiles, pen pals/contacts etc.
Orlando's Tattoo Studio - Switzerland
German tattoo artists association
Henna links, this site contains links to web based informational sites.
Mehndi the multicultural art of body decoration has become an alternative to the everlasting traditional tattoo and a challenging medium for the artist.. If you would like to learn more about applying henna click here this link
A source for Henna paste and powder kits.
Mehendi is an ancient Indian Body Art. It is used in creating intricate ethnic or contemporary designs and exotic patterns on various parts of the body, though traditionally applied to the hands and feet of women preparing for special ceremonies.
Celtic Art by Courtney Davis - you've seen the books, now check out the website!
Celtic art gallery based on celtic-pagan symbolism in Macbeth.
For people who are interested in the Culture and Art of Tattooing
Looking for a particular design? then check here first!
TATTOOS WERE NOT BORN IN TRENDY NEIGHBORHOODS. The Honolulu Tattoo district was designed to accommodate a time in men's lives when they drank heavily, paid for women, and imprinted their biceps with pictures solid and resonant enough to last a lifetime. Back then, Chinatown was the only place on the island where a man could get a tattoo, creating fierce competition among the many tattoo parlors.

Ancient Man carved symbols into the Earth to be seen totally from the sky. He did NOT do this because they are landing strips for Aliens.He did this because the Mother Earth is a living organism and he" TATTOOED THE EARTH " - to heal the Earth like acupuncture.
Dragon and Tribal Tattoo designs
Free online tattoo reference library and community.
Free Tattoo Designs
Find your tattoo design, purchase, download it, and have it tattooed.
British Army Index of Regimental Web Sites
Body painting links site.
The Bodleian Library is the main research library of the University of Oxford. It is also a copyright deposit library and its collections are used by scholars from around the world.
The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals was founded in 1990 and is the largest non-profit trade association in the United States and internationally for the permanent cosmetics industry.
The American Academy of Micropigmentation, founded in 1992.
This service lets you view pages containing Japanese characters (in the JIS, EUC, or Shift-JIS encodings) without requiring Japanese language support in your browser or operating system. If you can read Japanese but don't want to buy software to see Japanese websites, this service is for you. All the Japanese characters are turned into images that can be viewed in any graphical browser.
Shelina Jewellery is a family business founded in 1970. As well as trading for 8 years on the internet, they are also bricks and mortar company.
A language company employing Japanese staff, able to make Japanese caligraphy for people wanting tattoos.
Create your own unique tribal tattoo designs online right now!
All or Nothing Tattoo just returned victorious from the Atlanta Tattoo convention, winning awards in every category, and TATTOO OF THE DAY all THREE DAYS IN A ROW!!!! Pictures are posted in galleries on and New Tattoo Pictures as well.

Brandon Bond - Award Winning Tattoo Artist
All Or Nothing Tattoo
2569 S. Cobb Dr., Smyrna, Ga. 30080
Phone: 770.435.9966
This site will keep everybody updated on their favorite mountain man, and his thrilling, exciting, romantic and exotic life.
Joshua Carlton has been tattooing nonstop for the last 16 years. He started out with Steve Hayworth at HTC and began hitting the convention circuit early on to see what he could pick up from the big name artists. Getting tattooed by Paul Booth was a turning point in Joshua's career opening him up to new approaches. Joshua eventually landed at New Breed working with the likes of St Marq and Montie. It was at this point that Joshua's highly recognizable style came about. Experimenting with very large magnums, 45s and higher, he realized he could present a strong readable tattoo.
Full website coming soon - for now check out these pics.

Please let us know of any broken links - Thanks Lionel


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