Lionels Tattoo Studio

Lionel's Tattoo Studio

Lionel’s Tattoo Studio has a had long standing philosophy, since 1973 we believe the studio should have a welcoming environment with a friendly approach to discussing every tattoo we do with our clients. Whether is be a small design or a full body suit, we are willing to spend time helping you chose your tattoo.

Lionel’s Tattoo Studio is now managed by his son Barnaby, we also have Curly working here who specialises in tribal style tattooing.

Barnaby and Curly can be reached on -
01865 716877.



Monday - Saturday 10am-4pm
Appointments and walk ins welcome

weekday evenings available by appointment

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Lionel's Tattoo Studio
389 Cowley Road

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Lionel's Tattoo Studio a short history

Lionel started tattooing in 1973 working from home at weekends and in the evenings tattooing friends for free. Back in those days tattooing was a very hard occupation to get into, the old tattooers were very secretive and it was difficult to get tattooing equipment.

Lionel’s first tattoo machines were a couple of old brass machines bought from Tony Malo an old Oxford tattooists from the 60’s, by the early 1970’s Tony had stopped tattooing and had a second hand shop in Oxford.

These first brass machines were not perfect, so Lionel got down to stripping them and getting more parts made by a couple of toolmakers that he was tattooing. His uncle also a tool maker made some brass tubes as well, some parts were made at the old Oxford Pressed Steel body plant in Oxford.

Soon Lionel had a set of good tattoo machines and business began to pick up and he open his first studio in 1975 in St Clements, Oxford. He later moved to his Cowley Road address where the studio remains today.

Lionel has retired from tattooing now, but he still builds machines for collectors the world over- MORE

Tattooing of Minors Act 1969 Chapter 24 - You cannot obtain a tattoo under the age of 18 - NOT even with your parents permission!